Monday, February 16, 2015

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Josh's Chickasaw name is "Lokosh," which means "gourd"
In February 2012, I visited with Joshua D. Hinson, Director of Cultural Education and Outreach for Chickasaw Language Revitalization Program at his office here in Ada in anticipation of his visit to my linguistics class here at ECU. While I was there, I asked him if wouldn't mind pronouncing a few Chickasaw phrases for us so that we could practice them before his visit. Fortunately for us, he was happy to help.

The specific phrases I asked for were: "chukma," which means "hello;" "[Name] se-holhchifo-ut" (My name is); and "Chipitsaliket Chukma" (or "Chukma chipitsaliket", either of which translates as "It's good to see you").

After I spoke with Joshua, he introduced me to JoAnn Ellis, a native speaker of Chickasaw, who teaches Chickasaw language classes here at ECU (enroll, guys!). She also generously agreed to help us out.